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Biologic Protection Zone

Marine protected areas relating to the protection of resources and livelihoods. In particular the Biologic Protection Zones have been created to act as a nursery and protection of fish species of commercial interest.

Fishing of all kind of juveniles species, all year round, is forbidden in all The Biological Protection Zones.
The exercise of all forms of professional, sporting and recreation fishing, including scuba diving, unless explicitly permitted, is also forbidden.
For more details on which fishing gears are permitted in each zone, please visit the website of Italian Minister of Agriculture Food and Forestry Policies at

Publication Date
Vector Data
Environmental Protection
Marine Protected Areas, Natura 2000, other protection areas
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Frequency Of Maintenance For The Data Is Not Known
Data Quality

Data downloaded from SHAPE Atlas via WFS.

Vector data have been provided by Shape project partners. "Shape Adriatic Atlas" administrators have harmonized all the data and their attributes in a unique layer covering the entire adriatic coast. Vector data were generally created starting from the geographic coordinates published in the official Ministerial decrees 8Ministero delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali ) and regional documents: - "Guidelines and methods of fisheries management in the biological protection area of "Fossa di Pomo - Central Adriatic" prepared by the Abruzzo Region. (Fossa di Pomo) - MDs dated 3/16/2004; 9/27/2006 (Miramare) - MDs dated 05/08/2002 (Chioggia) - MDs dated 16/12/2004 (Falconera) - MDs dated 16/03/2004; D.M.22/01/2009; D.M.14/10/2009 (area Fuori Ravenna) - MDs dated 16/03/2004 (campo Barbare) - MDs dated 16/06/1998; 18/02/2004; 22/01/2009 (isole Tremiti e al largo della Puglia)

Supplemental Information

This layer is provided through the Adriatic Altas of SHAPE project:

Metadata at:

Spatial Representation Type
vector data is used to represent geographic data
Attribute Name Label Description Range Average Median Standard Deviation
permit NA
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permessi_p NA
divieti NA
link NA
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type1_en NA
type2_loc NA
type1_loc NA
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