Tools4MSP Geoplatform - legacy/deprecated version

Feb. 10, 2023, 11:25 a.m.

The new version of the Tools4MSP Geoplatform is now available at the following URL The use of the current site for the creation of new contents is now discouraged. However this site will continue to remain active and the resources (layers, maps, users) will continue to be accessible.

Tools4MSP Team

The design, development and implementation of the Tools4MSP modelling framework together with the maintenance and update of the Tools4MSP Geoplatform is coordinated by the Tools4MSP Team. The Team is part of the CNR-ISMAR (Italian National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences), Office of Venice.

Currently, our research activities focus on the analysis of cumulative effects from human activities, trade-off -synergies analysis of multiple sea uses, ecosystem-based approach, integration of ecosystem services into MSP and development of open source tools to support MSP and ICZM.

Members of the Tools4MSP Team:


Additional members