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Adriatic Traffic Separation Schemes - TSS

Layer from SHAPE project.

Ships' routeing systems and traffic separation schemes that have been approved by International Maritime Organization (IMO). It has been extracted from ENC(Electronic nautical chart) with the permission of Istituto Idrografico Militare for Shape Ipa Project purposes.The elements mapped,used in traffic routeing systems include: - traffic separation scheme: a routeing measure aimed at the separation of opposing streams of traffic by appropriate means and by the establishment of traffic lanes - traffic lane: an areas within defined limits in which one-way traffic is established. Natural obstacles, including those forming separation zones, may constitute a boundary - separation zone or line: a zone or line separating traffic lanes in which ships are proceeding in opposite or nearly opposite directions; or separating a traffic lane from the adjacent sea area; or separating traffic lanes designated for particular classes of ship proceeding in the same direction- precautionary area: an area within defined limits where ships must navigate with particular caution and within which the direction of flow of traffic may be recommended - area to be avoided: an area within defined limits in which either navigation is particularly hazardous or it is exceptionally important to avoid casualties and which should be avoided by all ships, or by certain classes of ships

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Maritime Transport and Tourism
Maritime Transport and Tourism
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Electronic Navigational Charts edited by Istituto Idrografico della Marina - Italy. Shape IPA-Projact Adriatic Atlas administrators have been authorized by IIM to processed ENC data for project purposes.

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This layer is provided through the Adriatic Altas of SHAPE project:

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